We Serve as the U.S. Department of Energy’s
Primary Carbon Capture Research Facility

We Explore and Advance Transformational
Carbon Capture Solutions

We Bridge the Gap Between
the Laboratory and Large-Scale Demonstrations

The National Carbon Capture Center is finding breakthroughs in next-generation carbon capture technologies. Managed and operated by Southern Company, our world-class facility works with innovators from around the world to accelerate the development of technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-based power plants, and to promote carbon utilization and direct air capture solutions.

As a neutral test site, we evaluate carbon capture technologies under real-world conditions and propel them closer toward commercialization.

Our scope is expanding to include carbon capture for natural gas power generation, carbon utilization technologies and direct air capture.

Completed over 115,000 hours of testing
Evaluated more than 60 technologies


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Recent News

Operation of new infrastructure a major step in expanding the facility’s work to advance carbon capture for natural gas power plants.

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The research facility will host new direct air capture and post-combustion capture projects awarded to Southern States Energy Board and the Electric Power Research Institute.

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Under the agreement, research will expand to include carbon capture technologies for natural gas power generation, carbon utilization and direct air capture.

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